to Jan 21

Leadership Authority Identity in Groups & Systems

The New York Center, in conjunction with the A.K. Rice Institute, is proud to sponsor this experiential group relations conference in the Tavistock tradition.

Director: Howard A. Friedman, PhD.
Associate Director: Mary McRae, EdD.
Administrator: Cindy Chen, MA
Associate Administrator: Andres Bernal, MA

Email nycleadership2018@gmail.com for questions, and click here for more information and to register.

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Leadership and Authority: The Race For/Of Employment
to Nov 22

Leadership and Authority: The Race For/Of Employment

...At a time where racial injustices are still prevalent, can we believe that all individuals have equal opportunities for employment? Is there a race for employment or a race of employment? Which race is most important—the one with yourself or the one that defines you? What if people don’t qualify for the race? Do all employment races end up at the finish line? Are there equal opportunities in this race of/for employment? Whose race matters? Which race matters? How will we run the race? What if I am colorblind or physically blind? What type of race do we want to identify with or enter? If any of these questions are meaningful to you, and if you want to learn through your senses and your bones about leadership, authority, race, racing, and employment, do join us this November, at Teachers College, Columbia University  where we will focus on these questions and others through the Tavistock method of learning through experience in the here-and-now. 

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REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.  Contact the Administrative Director with any questions.


November Group Relations Conference at Teachers College

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Fall Group Relations Conference @ TC
to Nov 23

Fall Group Relations Conference @ TC

  • Teachers College, Columbia University (map)
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Theme:  What! Now? Authority and Leadership: Studying the Cost of Work
Directed by: Eliat Aram, CEO Tavistock Institute

Last Fall's conference was entitled "Exploring the Price of Learning."  This year, we intend to build on that theme, incorporating our experience of the world of work today and the world of work that our students are about to enter or have recently entered.  The world where emails land on our smart phones and tablets 24/7; where ‘old fashioned’ boundaries of time and territory are very differently understood and worked with; where time investment, values, salary, performance, and the like are not experienced in the same way.
How well are we preparing our students to the world of work? Have we managed to adapt ourselves to its changing nature yet? How do we educate young leaders and what is the cost of authority in these times?
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