Why Should YOU Join?

You should join the New York Center if you want to network with others who share an interest in group relations, to learn more by participating in events, or to advance the theory and practice of group relations through innovation.  

We are always looking for new members to help create a dynamic and energetic organization that leads the way in understanding, applying, and innovating group relations theories and concepts.  


We invite you to apply for membership, if you meet the following requirements:

1. You have attended at least one group relations conference held under the auspices of the A.K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems (AKRI), one of the affiliate centers, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations;  and/or

2. You have participated in a group dynamics course within an educational institute, which involved an experiential learning process based on the traditions of the A.K. Rice or Tavistock Institutes.  


If you do not meet these requirements, but still have an affinity for group relations, please send an email to thenewyorkcenter@gmail.com to explain your interest.  


Student Membership: $25/year

Professional Membership: $50/year


thenewyorkcenter@gmail.com  |  New York, NY  |  An Affiliate of AKRI