The New York Center, an affiliate of the A.K. Rice Institute, is a non-profit organization based in NYC.  We host various events throughout the year, we co-sponsor a yearly group relations conference, and we bring together a rich community of devoted professionals and students to explore the vast world of group dynamics.  We are always looking for creative and unique ways to engage our membership and the community, so if you have an idea, please let us know at

The Center is led by a five-person executive committee that is derived from and elected by the Center's membership.  Members are also often asked to take on leadership roles, in such forms as committee chair, or liaison with the A.K. Rice Institute, or the other affiliate centers across the country.  

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Howard Friedman: President
Mineko (Anne) Legendy: Vice President
Frank Carson: Treasurer
Robert "R.C." Whitehouse: Secretary
Asha Gipson: Member-At-Large


If you have an interest in joining the Executive Committee, elections are held each February/March.  Please contact the NY Center for more information:  |  New York, NY  |  An Affiliate of AKRI